M350 Jetway Dual Core Atom 1.86 GHz, 5x Ethernet, Pico120, 100w


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- M350, Smallest fanless universal Mini-ITX case. Hidden area for USB / WIFI / Storage
- PicoPSU-120 power supply
- AC-DC 12V, 8.33A/ 100W Switching Power Adapter
- Jetway NF9D-2550 Mini-ITX motherboard
- Dual Atom N2550 2x1.86Ghz w/ Hyperthreading
- 1x VGA/ 1x HDMI
- 1x COM / 5x LAN
- 4x USB 2.0
- 24 bit LVDS Video Output
- 1x miniPCI-e
- Just Add RAM and Hard Drive To Complete Your System
- RoHS Compliant

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Product Description
New! Fully Assembled PC with M350 Enclosure, Jetway Dual Core Atom 1.86 Ghz JNF9D-2550 motherboard + Multi Ethernet, PicoPSU-120, 100w AC Power Supply

M350 Enclosure
- Smallest, Universal mini-ITX case
- Fanless, natural convection mini-ITX case design
- Enclosure fits all Intel stock CPU heatsink
- Hidden area for USB / WIFI / Storage
- Smart power button

- World's Tiniest DC Power Supply
- 12V input, 120w output
- 100% silent
- Over 96% Efficiency

100W AC DC power adapter
- AC-DC 12V, 8.33A/ 100W Switching Power Adapter (110/220V)
- High efficiency, level VI

- Dual Atom D2550 2x 1.86GHz -Hyper Threading
- 2x Ethernet Port and 4x USB, 1x miniPCIe for WIFI application
- 1x HDMI, 1x VGA , 1x COM, 24 bit LVDS Video Output

Jetway 3 LAN daughterboard
- 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit ethernet ports

Mini-Box M350 Barebone System Windows 7 OS 32 bits option
Fully Assembled PC with M350 enclosure and Jetway NC9D-2550 mini-itx motherboard comes with the option to choose Windows Home Premium or Windows Professional, separately or preinstalled.

NOTE: Conditions for returning systems with Windows OS preinstalled by Mini-Box.com:
- Refunds are allowed only within 30 days from purchase, a charge of 15% will be applied.
- After 30 days, only exchanges for defective products are allowed (no credits), and it must be with same motherboard.
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