iMedia Development KIT

      - create your own linux distribution


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iMedia Linux Development KIT

Visit: imedialinux for more details.
- build a linux distribution for your needs
- customize install program
- customize and add new packages
- target specialized hardware
- customize boot logo
- support directly from developers
- available only as a digital download at this moment because of frequent  updates
Contact to obtain your download links.

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  iMedia Linux Feature
  Installing OS images on CF disks

iMedia Linux Development KIT (SDK)

Create a custom linux distribution, customized for your hardware and with the applications that you need.

This kit is mainly for OEMs/Other projects that want to create their own distribution for their customers, compile, install or create new software packages on a iMedia Linux installation. iMedia Development Kit replicates our complete development system, including install CD software, package creator, package repository. A new linux distribution can be created by simply adding your packages to the packages metalist and executing the build script.

You can also modify/customize:

  - Boot splash, style and verbosity
  - Installation program texts like product name, company name etc
  - Installation program steps, you can remove some of the installation program dialogs if you don't need them
  - Create new hardware templates that automatically install corresponding drivers
  - Create new software templates that automatically install a specified software configuration (desktop, media center etc.)
  - Compile and install new software from Gentoo repository and add it as a package for iMedia Linux
  - Compile and customize kernel modules, modules loading and kernel image.
Customers of iMedia Linux SDK have direct access for techical questions to the developers of iMedia Linux


iMedia Embedded Linux

iMedia Embedded Linux
Visit: imedialinux for more details.

- Installs anywhere: USB stick, USB harddrive, USB ZIP, Compact Flash, SATA, SCSI, etc
- VIA C3, Geode, i586 or Pentium targets
- 2.6.23 kernel with performance patches
- Supports full range of VIA and Intel mini-itx boards (CN700 included)
- Graphical boot
- Tiny CF distribution with journaling filesystem and embedded logging
- Eyecandy desktop based on XOrg 7.2 XWindows with AIGLX and GTK2
- Menu driven installation
- Menu driven user and password administration
- Menu driven network installation
- Software updates via FTP HTTP
- Size from 6Mb to 500Mb

- iMedia is only available as a digital download at this moment

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