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- SAM9G45 pico-ITX compatible SBC (80x100mm)
- ARM9, 400Mhz, ARM926EJ-S, 32/32K
- 256MB DDR2
- 4 USB 2.0 ports 480Mbps, shared
- 1 miniPCI-e with USB only support
- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
- SD card reader
- SIM card slot
- Bootable microSD
- 5V power via microUSB 
- 6-40V support via DC barrel connector
- High endurance ceramic and SP  capacitor design
- Expansion header for SPI, I2C, RS232
- Native support 480 x 272 LCD (higher resolution possible)
- WIFI support via miniPCI-e with USB
- Buzzer 
- Ideal for development or OEM use.
- Linux / Android boot options.
- RoHS compliant
- Wiki page
Product Description
"pico Wiki"
read the WiKi page for pico-SAM9G45 for up-to-date information.

Small, compact and robust - I/O connections galore!

pico-SAM9G45 highly extensible pico-ITX compatible board.

pico-SAM9G45 is highly extensible and permits adding many features and interfaces. This system board is at the core of a series of small, low cost systems with touch screen displays, oriented towards modular hardware I/O configurations.

pico-SAM9G45 development board with connected I/O devices
Example: image representing pico-SAM9G45 board with connected I/O devices: WiFi USB dongle,
Bluetooth USB dongle, SD card, microSD card, WiFi miniPCI-e in slot card, serial PCB board

For more detailed information please read the pico-SAM9G45 WiKi page.

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