picoLCD 20x2 (OEM)

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picoLCD 20x2 (OEM)

- New! added IR decoding functions and an Ubuntu package
- 20x2 character USB LCD Display
- True full-speed USB HID device
- USB full-speed 2.0 support
- 10 custom splash screens, custom timing / looping
- IR receiver connector
- Keypad / LED connector
- USART and I2C connectors
- Supports 8 GPO
- Software support for Windows and Linux platforms
- Open source SDK and source code
- Built in ASCII character set with support for user defined characters
- Electroluminescent green backlight
- On the fly firmware updates
- PicoLCD: 0.74 x 3.28 in.
- Overall size with PCB: 1.47 x 4.57 in.
- RoHS compliant

Product Description
Mini-Box USB LCD is an intelligent 2x20 character USB LCD display module with InfraRed receiver and keypad interface. This USB LCD display device it's a true USB HID device (not serial or parallel port to USB emulated) supporting high speed data transfers and easy application developmen without any special drivers needed. 
Mini-Box has designed picoLCD with the ease of use in mind reducing the time and money needed for integrators to launch a new product with picoLCD. Our sample applications provides windows and linux platform support with open source code and SDK available.
Mini-Box USB LCD has built in 8x5 dots ASCII character font with 8 used definable characters and provides 8 GPO (General Purpose Output) pins. Internal EEPROM allows firmware upgrading and splash screen definition. On power on Mini-Box USB LCD is able to show up to 10 user defined splash screns with custom timing, order and led/gpo status.

- Rackmount 1u, 2u or larger cases
- Servers systems to display vital data
- Embedded systems
- Small external USB devices used for monitoring or displaying realtime data


Generic documentation

Hardware installation guide
Firmware update guide
Boot loader hardware programmer guide

Windows documentation

Usb LCD software guide
Software developer guide
WinAmp PlugIn Readme

Linux documentation

Writing linux software using libusblcd SDK
Using usblcd linux client

Software Downloads

Windows Software

Windows Vista SideShow drivers
Windows Vista driver which adds support for Sideshow gadgets on picoLCD.
picoLCD software suite(Updated: IR support)
Windows XP software suite including a TCP Server with GUI client LCD application, a command line application and an utility to update the firmware.
picoLCD Windows SDK(Updated: IR support)
Windows source code for GUI client and the TCP server.

Linux Software

Linux version doesn't require any extra kernel module (just usb host drivers support) entire LCD can be controled from userspace thru libusb!
picoLCD can be used on linux with the following software:
- LCDProc with keypad/IR support:
   Available in latest release (0.5.3) from lcdproc homepage or here.
   An Ubuntu package preconfigured for picoLCD is available here: lcdproc_0.5.3-1_i386.deb.
- LCD4Linux: Search for lcd4linux in your distribution software package manager or a precompiled binary with configuration for picoLCD: here
- picoLCD OEM SDK (includes RC5/RC6 decoding functions, Keypad support, LCD display functions and custom widgets like histograms, vumeters, custom characters): picoLCD20x2-SDK-0.1.8.gz

Examples of using linux client from BASH scripts
Free Hard Drive Space Monitor
Idle CPU Monitor
CPU Temperature, Fans RPM, Network traffic (for VIA mini-itx mainboards)

Examples of custom characters icons
Earth Globe 8 chars icon
Letter 8 chars icon
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