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picoLCD 256x64 Sideshow (CD ROM Bay)


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picoLCD 256x64 (CD ROM Bay) graphic auxiliary display with Vista Sideshow support

- 256x64 pixels graphic resolution display
- USB self powered with light blue backlight and dark blue pixels
- USB full-speed 2.0 support
- keypad interface
- Windows Vista drivers with SideShow support
- Windows XP opensource drivers
- Opensource drivers
- Customization through python scripts
- LCD4Linux support
- PCB: 5.39x1.55x0.56in. (LxWxH)
- CDROM BAY: 149 x 42.5mm
- RoHS compliant
Product Description
picoLCD 256x64 graphic auxiliary display with Vista Sideshow support

Display real time graphics, system status, stocks, weather, RSS feeds, music information, news and sports updates with Vista Sideshow or Linux drivers on a 2nd dedicated LCD display. Monitor MRTG generated graphics from any remote systems and create your own python scripts for displaying your data (included in Linux package).


Easy install with a graphic interface in Windows Vista and Linux.

Kit comes with picoLCD 256 x 64 display, CDROM Drive Bay and Keypad and internal USB cable
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