PicoPSU-80 + 60W Adapter Power Kit

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PicoPSU-80, 60 Power Kit

- Tiniest DC-DC ATX PSU: PicoPSU-80
- Power adapter: AC-DC 12V, 5A Switching Power Adapter (110/220V)
- Power cord
Product Description
PicoPSU-80, 60W Power Kit

Package content:
- Tiniest DC-DC ATX PSU: PicoPSU-80
- Power adapter: AC-DC 12V, 5A Switching Power Adapter (110/220V)
- Power cord
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M200-LCD Enclosure
(Out of Stock)

M200-LCD enclosure

- Universal embedded mini-ITX case
- Light, Alu construction
- Intelligent USB display with InfraRed receiver, keypad interface, 20 columns and 2 rows and 8x5 dots character size
- Bootable (IDE) Compact-Flash(OPTIONAL)
- Up to two 2.5" drives
- PWR button and LED
- Works with any picoPSU (not included)
- Size 20cm (w) x 5.4cm x 24cm
- Volume (L) = 2.6L
- Area for custom logo
- manufactured by mini-box.com

- Assembly of PicoLCD is required by Mini-Box and might take up to 2 days to ship.
- ROHS compliant
- USB booting note

**Please note: the Optional CF Reader in the front NO LONGER comes with the enclosure. These need to be purchased separately CF200

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M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure

M350 Universal Mini-ITX case

 4pin mini-Din AC adapters compatible

- Enclosure available with PSU kit
- Smallest, Universal mini-ITX case
- Fanless, natural convection mini-ITX case design
- Hidden area for USB / WIFI / Storage
- Smart power button
- Vesa, DIN-Rail, Wall Mount chassis options
- SMA antenna hole
- Up to two 2.5" drives, **one HDD bracket included**

 (additional mounting bracket)
- Size 192 x 210 x 62mm
- Volume (L) = 2.5L
- Area for custom OEM logo

- Superior RFI shielding capabilities
- **Enclosure requires Low Profile Coolers for Intel Socket CPUs
- ROHS compliant

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PCI power bracket

PCI bracket for power connector

- Fits all circular power connectors
- Use in any blank PCI slot

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Nano Power Adapter

nanoPSU adapter

- picoPSU adapter for nano-ITX boards
- Works with all picoPSU models
- Plugs directly into nano-ITX board
- Ideal power supply solution for nano

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