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CFDISK replaces hard disk drives with solid state storage in existing systems. Does not require any device drivers. A CompactFlash card will look just like a small IDE hard disk drive to the BIOS and the operating system. Applications: CFDISK for Network appliances such as firewalls or routers. CFDISK for Industrial control, robotics, medical CFDISK for Point of Sales CFDISK for WIFI (bootable OS) CFDISK for Functional test fixtures for system boards or adapter cardss CFDISK for Applications where fast boot is required.

hdd_sata_category.jpg 2.5" SATA Hard Drives
SATA Hard Drives
SSD-category.jpg 2.5" Solid State Hard Drives
Solid State Hard Drives
SATA-M2-SSD-subcategory.jpg SATA M.2 SSD
SATA M.2 Solid State Drives
mSATA-category.jpg mSATA-SSD