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7" TFT LCD touchscreen for car PC.

- Mount Type: Dashboard or Headrest
- Resolution 800x480 (native) to 1024x768 (formatted)
- 16:9 aspect ratio
- Video Input: XGA/VGA input (15 pin D-SUB), USB or RS232 interface
- 2 RCA video inputs
- Built-in Speaker works in AV mode
- Display brightness (with touchscreen): 300cd/ m²
- Power Consumption: < 9W
- Includes: Remote control, USB cable, VGA cable, AV cable, Dashboard Mounting bracket, Headrest Mounting bracket + screws, Stylus, CD with touchscreen drivers, Operation manual
- 1 year warranty
Product Description
The XDX-PO70Z 7" TFT LCD Touchscreen monitor is one of the most versatile vehicle monitors for your Car PC. It features a sharp 800x480 VGA screen, allowing you to run regular car PC programs as well as specialized car PC software. With the built-in touchscreen monitor, you can use your fingers instead of a mouse for input. The 7" TFT LCD displays not only computer video , but with the RCA inputs, you can also display video from DVD players, VCRs and other devices. Headrest Mount
Includes a CD with touchscreen drivers for Windows, MacOS, DOS and Linux.

- Operating Voltage: 11-16V DC (max: 1A)
- Input Current: 0.7A
- Grounding System: car battery negative pole
- Power Consumption: < 9W
- Operating Temperature: -20 to 70°C
- Viewing Angle: 65° from the bottom / 40° from the top/ +/-65° horizontally

- 7.1" x 4.7" x 1" / 181 x 120 x 25(mm) (L x W x H)
- Display Area: 6" x 3.6" / 152mm x 91 mm
- Weight (monitor only): 0.95 lbs (0.43 kg)
- Total Package Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
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