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Our manufacturing runs are usually cargo sized loads ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 unit runs, with lead times ranging from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on product type. The main warehouse is located in Fremont, CA and we also have an international network of distributors.

For small to medium orders, you can buy directly from our web site at

For larger orders please contact our sales staff or our international distributors.™, a subsidiary of Ituner Networks Corp., is a design and manufacturing company specialized in embedded computers and peripherals. Founded in 1996, Ituner Networks is a privately owned Corporation located in Silicon Valley.
Inspired by the unprecedented success of the small form factor mainboards,™ has since directed its focus on designing and developing smaller, more compact PC peripherals.

Our engineers have led the market in the miniaturization of the power supply, with the introduction of the first mini-itx power supply. Our PSUs plug directly into the ATX connector thus eliminating the need for the ATX extension cable harness.

These miniaturized power supplies are ideal for small PCs where space utilization is paramount for good industrial designs. Since then, Mini-box. com has led the market by designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of of Patent Pending, high efficiency plug-in small PC power supplies modules with a variety of power outputs, footprints and input voltage ranges.

Ituner Networks Corp is manufacturing a series of versatile small mini-ITX and small formfactor enclosures. Among them are the M-200, M300 line of mini-ITX enclosures and the WRAP-boxes. Our enclosures are designed for general purpose computing, WIFI applications, medical, and industrial applications. For automotive applications, the innovating work of our design team has resulted in the award winning VoomPC series of enclosures and barebone systems.™ is also the maker of the PicoLCD™ - a family of Intelligent USB LCD displays with resolutions ranging alphanumeric to TFT color in QVGA, HQVGA, VGA and beyond.


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