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OEM Information™, a subsidiary of Ituner Networks Corp. is a firm that specializes in small, general purpose or embedded computer designs. We are located in Fremont, California in the heart of Silicon Valley.

DC-DC solutions
If you are a reseller or manufacturer interested in distributing our custom DC-DC converters such as the DCDC-USB, M1-ATX, M2-ATX, M2-ATX-HV, M3-ATX, M4-ATX, PW200M, PW200V, picoPSU-120, picoUPS 100, picoPSU-90, picoPSU-120-WI-25V, picoPSU-80-WI-32V, picoPSU-60-WI or , Enclosures such as: VoomPC (carPC) Enlcosure, VoomPC-2 (carPC) Enlcosure, M350, M300-LCD, M200-LCD, M300, M200, WRAP BOX1A1E, WRAP BOX2A1E, WRAP BOX4A2E, Compact Flash adapters, please send an email to

M200, M300, M350 OEM
If you are a reseller or manufacturer interested in our mini-box complete products, such as the Mini-box M-200/M-300/M350, please send an email to

Custom manufacturing
Current designs can be modified or kept as is, we will provide assistance with small to medium scale production. 

For large scale production, we will assist you to get our designs and produce them using your own resources

If you are interested in manufacturing or customizing the M-200, M-300 or M350 based on our designs, please send an email to .

Our design and manufacturing team is committed to bringing you small, quiet, low power general purpose or embedded PC designs along with our custom designed embedded operating system for your today's demanding environments. For more information please visit iMedia Linux Web Site


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