I/O Bracket for Alix.3D3


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I/O Bracket for Alix.3D3 (USB)

- manufactured by PC Engines
Product Description
I/O Bracket for Alix.3D3 (USB)

I/O Bracket for Alix.3D3

Designed to mount into box2c
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ALIX.3D3 Board (1 LAN/ 2 MINI-PCI/ LX800) (Out of Stock)
ALIX3D3 Board with 1 LAN and 2 miniPCI, LX800, 256 MB, USB, VGA, audio

- Low power LX800
- Build in 256MB RAM
- CPU: 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800
- Power: DC jack or passive POE, min. 7V to max. 20V
- Storage: CompactFlash socket
- 2 USB ports on-board
- Monitor VESA mount compatible
- RoHS compliant
- Size: 100 x 160mm
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Indoor enclosure for ALIX.3 Boards

- Box2C comes with one I/O plate, which accomodates both Alix 3D2 and 3D3, to cover one end of the box.
- Pending on the Alix board selected, bracket 3D2 or 3D3 must be purchased to cover other end.
- Dimensions: 113 x 163 x 30 mm
- ROHS compliant
- manufactured by PC Engines
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