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150w AC-DC Power Adapter, 12v 12.5A


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AC-DC 12V, 12.5A/ 150W Switching Power Adapter (110/220V)  

- High efficiency, level VI
- AC adapter for higher power applications
- AC INPUT: 100 -240 VAC
- DC OUTPUT: 12V, 12.5A
- High power, 150watt/160Wattpeak
- Power Cord included
- Fanless
- 4 pin mini-din jack (Mini-Fit-JR adapter included)
- RoHS compliant
Product Description
AC-DC 12V / 12.5A/ 150W Switching Power Adapter (110/220V)  - EA11703E(01)

Suggested use:
High power applications or applications with a lot of peripherals.

***150w adapter are now compatible with new featured M350 enclosure

AC Input: 100 -240 VAC;
DC Output: 12V / 12.5A, 150W;
Power Cord included.
4 pin mini-DIN to mini-FIT JR adapter provided; when used with adapter it will mate with picoPSU-150, picoPSU-120, pico-PSU-120-25, picoPSU-80-32

- Dimensions:71x171x40mm (W x L x H)
- Weight: 790 gramms
- AC cord weight: 160gramms
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- P4 cable
- 12V-ATX cable (4 pin power)
- Long Life, Solid Polymer Caps, Japan
- Configurable wire harness
- manufactured by mini-box.com
- ROHS compliant version
- PicoPSU + Adapter Bundle
- US Pat. no 7,539,023
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M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure
M350 Universal Mini-ITX case

New! 4pin mini-Din AC adapters compatible

Now available in SILVER
- Enclosure available with PSU kit
- Smallest, Universal mini-ITX case
- Fanless, natural convection mini-ITX case design
- Hidden area for USB / WIFI / Storage
- Smart power button
- Vesa, DIN-Rail, Wall Mount chassis options
- SMA antenna hole
- Up to two 2.5" drives, **one HDD bracket included**

 (additional mounting bracket)
- Size 192 x 210 x 62mm
- Volume (L) = 2.5L
- Area for custom OEM logo

- Superior RFI shielding capabilities
- **Enclosure requires Low Profile Coolers for Intel Socket CPUs
- ROHS compliant
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"4pin miniDIN -> miniFIT-JR" adapter
4pin miniDin to miniFIT-JR adapter

- allows for high powered 4pin mini-Din AC adapters to be used with M350 chassis
- more efficient for output current of higher than 9 amps
- more suitable for applications which require high power CPUs, such as Intel i5 and i7
- RoHS compliant
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