PW-200-V, 200w output, 12v input DC-DC Power Supply, optional P4-ATX Cable


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12V Micro Power Supply 

This product is no longer manufactured.
Please consider PicoPSU-160-XTs as replacements.

- 200 Watt DC-DC ATX small power supply (PSU)
- Over 95% efficiency, ultra compact
- 12V operation
- 100% silent, fanless design
- Snaps directly into moterboard ATX connector
- manufactured by
- ROHS compliant version
Product Description
This product is no longer manufactured.

Pentium4 Support! PW-200-V can power most P4 motherboards running up to 3.0Ghz, look for P4-ATX cable option.

Compact designe, less cables. The PW-200-V is the only cableless micro-atx dc to dc power supply for. Compatible with an entire range of mini-itx motherboards (as well as other board types) such as VIA EPIA V 800,EPIA 5000, EPIA-CL, EPIA-PD, P4-ITX providing cool, silent power for your small mini-itx board from a single 12V power source.
Reduce space. Eliminate 20 unnecessary wires by connecting directly into the motherboard ATX connector. The PW-200-V 12V dc-dc converter was designed from ground up to fit VIA's mini-itx form factor, allowing case designers to save space while not compromising power requirements.
Cool power. Operating at only 12V, the PW-200-V dc-dc quiet power supply converter generates up to 200W of power. The PW-200-V provides plenty of power for your CPU and peripherals.
100% Silent. The PW-200-V mini PSU is a 100% silent dc to dc solution. No fans, no noise, just power for your silent and small PC.
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